Stayley are founding members of the Pennine League, and have over 140 years experience in the game. We play when it's not wet, and sometimes even when it is. The 2015 season has now finished, and with its closure, the Saddleworth & District League has now merged with the Central Lancs League to form the Pennine League. Please refer to our Section on the Pennine League for further news.

We are proud to be a contributor to the sport, having raised cricketers to County and National level, and continue in our efforts to introduce new members to this game. On an International level, we have been home to some of the finest overseas talent in recent years, and have introduced many a new batsman to this North-Western climate.

If you are new to the club, welcome and feel free to browse around. Better still, if you find the clubhouse - come along and enjoy the atmosphere; which is part of Team-Stayley!